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Ravencoin integration guide for developers

The blockchain is a list of transactions that outputs coins and or assets.


When developing with Ravencoin, you're essentially engaging with the blockchain to store and retrieve data. Here’s a simplified roadmap:

  1. Initialization: Everything starts with your 12-word backup phrase, which secures your blockchain wallet.
  2. Address Generation: From these 12 words, you create addresses that represent destinations for Ravencoin transactions.
  3. Balance Inquiry: Check how much Ravencoin you have by looking up the balance of your addresses on the blockchain.
  4. Making Transactions:
    • Gather all Unspent Transaction Outputs (UTXOs) associated with your addresses. UTXOs are like individual bills or coins in a conventional wallet.
    • Select enough UTXOs to cover your intended transaction.
    • Create a raw transaction using the createrawtransaction RPC call, specifying the UTXOs to spend and the transaction's recipients.
    • Sign this transaction to prove ownership of the UTXOs.
    • Broadcast the signed transaction to the Ravencoin network to complete the transfer.

Libraries for JavaScript developers

Checkout Raven Rebels for Node.js/JavaScript tools and tutorials. Raven Rebels have NPM packages for all of these steps above.

Ravencoin as a service, RPC.ting.finance

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